3 dic. 2014

International Office Administrator - Tegucigalpa


Job description:
  • The INTERNATIONAL OFFICE (IO) ADMINISTRATOR is a full - time position at LNPS HN in Tegucigalpa.
  • He/She will lead and facilitate LNPS International Office marketing information including development of articles for internal newsletter and global opportunities portal, maintenance of archives with photos and videos, search for photos and videos, development of social media campaigns, among others. He/She will collaborate with LNPS marketing and social media team.
  • He/She will facilitate the Laureate International Office Community of Practices (CoP). This activity requires basis knowledge of the trends and challenges of internationalization in higher-education; as well as keeping a healthy and enthusiastic conversation among team members and leaders, and maintaining back-office documents and social media posts.
  • He/She will lead and facilitate Information Technology (IT) activities, including roadmap definition and follow-up, design and approval of global opportunities portal mock-up, development and performance of quality assurance to all IT related activities, work with external suppliers on specific tasks (for example, coordination and set-up of virtual fairs), among others. He/She will collaborate with LNPS IT team.
  • He/She will identify “ideas” and requests coming from Laureate International Universities (LIUs) with the possibility to become international programs and activities opportunities.
  • He/She will define and maintain global opportunities portal and social media metrics and posts, among other data to be collected on regular basis.
  • He/She will interact with External Suppliers, IO Directors and Coordinators from LIUs, LNPS Development and Operations Team, LNPS Events Team, LNPS Business Intelligent Team and LNPS Marketing Team.
Other responsibilities of this function include:
  • Collaborate in working with external suppliers in the development of new products.
  • Understand purpose and scope of all communication channels used by IO team (for example, international opportunities portal, newsletter, posters, social media posts, etc.).
If you think you qualify and are interested in working for a dynamic international organization, send your resume to jobsHonduras@laureate.net to set up an appointment

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