18 nov. 2015

Gerente de Tecnología - Santa Bárbara



*System Admin for Salesforce.com

– Responsible of having a current CRM (Salesforce) that’s already in place updated to the company needs.
– Train users on the handling of the current CRM (Salesforce) on active characteristics and on future development enhancements.
– Design & Development, Listen and understand users needs to prepare requirements for developer team and have the ability to jump in to resolve incidents declaratively or through coding.
– Monitor data quality and consistency though declarative reports and through SQL like reports, building, running and comprehending data.
– Resolve issues and tweak workflows.

Complementary responsibilities

– Capacity of applying new technologies to solve and automate workflow.
– Handheld maintenance, keep iOS, Android and garmin devices in conditions to operate on field by users.


Java like language understanding (coding and MVC)
Ideally Apex

Web technologies understanding HTML/Javascript
Ideally VisualForce

Database Administration Experience SQL understanding
Ideally SOQL

Experience with Google Apps, user Admin Managing
Ideally Google Apps Scripts & Fusiontables comprehension

Notion on Geographic Information Systems
Handling KML/GPX

iOS, Android & Garmin knowledge

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