16 dic. 2014

Manufacturing Manager - Amarateca, Fco. Morazán


• Leads the Organization’s technical functions and teams:
  • Engineering (Product and Process)
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
• Structures a world-class Engineering and Maintenance Team and Program
  • Recruits, trains and develops a top Process Engineer to create, develop, refine and continually improve manufacturing processes
  • Recruits, trains and develops a top Maintenance Engineer to strategically structure a skilled and disciplined maintenance program for the continual operation of both basic and advanced woodworking machinery (manual, NC, CNC, PLC-controlled)
• Responsible for all production functions on all shifts (activities of all value-adding and value-aiding colleagues):
  • Responsible for Fabrication, Finishing, Final Assembly, Packing for Export
  • Recruits, trains and develops excellent Production Leadership Structure / Team
• Delivers plant safety at or above target performance level
• Delivers machine uptime and productivity at or above target level
  • Including robust Preventive and Corrective Maintenance program
• Develops Production Schedule in collaboration with Operations / Supply Chain Manager
• Consistently delivers against Production Schedule
• Delivers product quality at or above target
• Develops Production Budget and delivers spending levels according to budget
• Develops brilliant processes (vs. hero effort/expediting) and brilliant people (focused on the line of succession)
  • Ensures standardized work is:  1) in place, 2) complete and accurate, and 3) followed by all colleagues at all levels
  • Ensures all visual management systems (kanban, production control boards, FIFO lanes, leveling boxes, etc.) are maintained, applicable, and followed
  • Drives the production process toward Continuous Flow with Level Mix
  • Mentors and develops Group Leaders
  • Ensures that Group Leaders are mentoring and developing Team Leaders
  • Leads, Champions, and serves as a member of cross-functional improvement teams
  • Collaborates with Supply Chain Manager and Accounting function to ensure inventory management, production tracking and cost accounting excellence
• Removes barriers that impede the ability of colleagues to execute their responsibilities efficiently
• Provides resources necessary to enable colleagues to execute their responsibilities efficiently

• Prior manufacturing management responsibility – minimum 5 years
  • Experience leading / overseeing multiple production shifts
  • Proficient and experienced in scheduling of manufacturing
  • Proficient / experienced in the development of and accountability to production budgets
  • Demonstrated track record with the development of talent in a mfg organization
  • Experience with the creation and management of Key Performance Indicators, including the systems necessary to support them
• Track record of both creation and mentoring of high-performance teams
  • Knowledge and experience of recruiting top talent for manufacturing
  • Skilled in coaching team members for maximum performance / contribution
• Degree in Mechanical Engineering and/or demonstrated experience in machine-intensive manufacturing environments
  • Demonstrated competence with structured maintenance of advanced machinery
  • Hands-on, practical experience fixing and improving manufacturing machines
  • Lean Certification from an accredited institution and demonstrated Lean implementation experience (e.g. demonstrated process improvement competence)
• Bilingual in Spanish and English, with excellent writing and speaking skill in both languages
• Exceptional analytical abilities and strong technical proficiency with MS Excel
  • Computer programming ability (e.g. VBA) a plus
• In all words and actions, embraces, supports and models Tegu’s Mission and Values and expects / encourages vendors and colleagues to do likewise
  • In all words and actions, embraces, supports and deploys the principles of Lean Manufacturing, including, but not limited to:  Total Systems Thinking, Respect for People, Minimum Lead Time (Continuous Flow, Pull Systems, Level Production)
• Makes decisions, achieves results, solves problems, and executes initiatives in a manner that is directionally correct (moves the company / plant closer to True North)
• Delegates authority (does not micromanage) and teaches using the Socratic Method
• Maximizes the usage of Mutual Learning, minimizes the usage of Unilateral Control and expects / encourages others to do likewise
• Practices proactive and professional communication at all times both internally and externally
• Demonstrates strong process orientation leading to continual improvement

Position Expectations:
• Permanent location in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
• Competitive compensation package
• Opportunity for performance-related incentives
• Challenging but rewarding work environment
  • Requires high level of personal initiative / must be able to meet deadlines consistently
  • Ability to manage stress / pressure without re-directing to others
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